Our 30-hectare water reservoir, located by the forest, far from buildings and public roads, was created in post-mining excavation grounds where the aggregate has been mined for 20 years.

Due to the anglers growing interest in our waters we have responded to the emerging demands. Therefore, in 2018 we are starting the first stage of the investment and provide a part of the reservoir to be used as fishing grounds. The fact that carp fishing grounds have been created in our waters is not accidental. From the first days of the aggregate extraction we have been paying special attention to ecology and the intended purpose of this area after the exploitation is over. The exploited areas are immediately afforested so that at this moment we can enjoy the view of several-meter tall trees surrounding the shore. We also take care about the quality of the water in the created reservoir which from the very beginning had been stocked with fish. In order for the fish to develop and grow properly a number of solutions that have significant impact on water quality have been applied. The floating dredger used for extracting aggregate from the bottom of the reservoir, as also the entire sorting and swilling line are powered by electric drive thanks to which it is not possible for fuel and other substances to get into the water.

10 years ago, in cooperation with fishing plants, we released into the reservoir several tons of carp of the average weight of 13 kg. At this moment carp is the dominant fish but you can also catch grass carps, pikes, sanders, medal winning perches and many other species weighing even more than 20 kg.

How big are the fish swimming at the moment in Turkusowy Zalew? This is what we will be discovering with you.

We are planning to create a place for people who value the unique qualities of the surrounding area, combining the pleasure of catching beautiful specimens and comfortable conditions that have so far been boasted by very little fishing grounds in Poland.

At the turn of recent years we have conducted numerous conversations with professional anglers fishing all over Europe. We have collected information and knowledge that we hope will help us build a place anglers will want to come back to.

The manner of creation of our reservoir makes this place extremely interesting and demanding fishing grounds. Water depth ranges here from 3 to 16 meters and the bottom abounds in various shelves and holes, which will certainly diversify fishing activities.

Our fish are in sensational condition. Most of them have never been on a hook yet. They are strong and brave and certainly more than once they will turn out to be a challenge for anglers.

The uniqueness of this place is proven not only by the fish and the reservoir itself. It is also the facilities we have created for our guests. Anglers have comfortable bungalows at their disposal which are located on piers where the water is at least 3 meters deep. Each stand has access to electricity and the fish processing base provides the guests with free Wi-Fi. Bungalows are equipped with all necessary appliances, TV, kettle or a small fridge to cool drinks on hot days, as also a heater that will keep you warm in the autumn or even winter season. There are 3 beds in a bungalow thanks to which good friends can go fishing together. Our piers with the bungalows will prove perfectly well also for the first father and son fishing trips. And if someone wants more comfortable conditions, they can stay in the apartment with a terrace overlooking our fishing grounds, which will ensure unforgettable views. Our apartment consists of a large living room with sofas, TV and kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom. It was created in such a manner to make a visit of a group of anglers, a couple or a family a nice experience. Additionally, you can enjoy your time near the fireplace or watch your favourite TV series.

Also a fish processing base is at the disposal of all our guests. It has a fully equipped kitchen, dining room with a huge table and a smokehouse, a stove and a grill which can make a difference to a meeting in a nice circle of friends. And if the weather is favourable the feast can be organized in the open air by a specially prepared fireplace with a grate, spit, seats and benches.

We also took care of the sanitary facilities. Each guest has at their disposal a bathroom with a sink, shower and toilets adapted also to the needs of the disabled.

The fishing grounds can be accessed by driving our private asphalt road.